EASY TO USE. Place the Universal Angularizer Ruler in your working area, slide the rulers into the needed shape, tighten the bolts and there you have the precise measurements. To get the job done just adjust the ruler to any desired angle, tighten the bolts and right away the flawless measurements are done. Easy adjustments for perfect measurements.


PREMIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY. For maximum durability our angleizer template tool is entirely made of premium aluminum alloy. With heavy duty steel bolts.


LASER ENGRAVED. Strenght and durable angulizer tool with numbers, inches and centimeters laser engraved. Not to mention the perfect thickness and comfortable weight.


UNIQUE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS. Perfect for carpentry, brick work, flooring, roofing, tiling and much more. Belidan angleizer template tool solves measurements problems and saves time, materials and money. This angle-izer saves effort and speeds up the job tremedously. For handymen, builders, craftsmen, carpenters, engineer, architects, roofers and tilers. It comes with a protective black pouch.


ENDORSED RELIABLE. To save your time and not to waste materials select our laser engraved angulizer tool NOW!


Have you used a heavy, uncomfortable, or a worn out plastic angularizer ruler? 
Our Belidan Universal Angularizer Ruler is made of premium aluminum alloy and it is laser engraved with heavy duty metal bolts. It is a handy personal and professional multi-angle tool for creating specialized angles or shapes in wood, tiles, bricks, wood, stones, laminates, and more. Its four slotted rulers can move and lock into any position to become a customized stencil in seconds. The arms are dual-calibrated in both inches and centimeters for your convenience; all laser engraved. You can even use it to make bull’s eyes, arches, and accurate cuts on roof joints. Simply loosen the bolts on the tool and adjust the ruler to the angle or shape you are trying to get. Tighten the bolts for secure and precise alignment, trace the lines and cut away; eliminating hours of problems and save thousands of dollars in material.

Very easy to use. Slide the rulers into the needed shape, tighten the bolts and there you have the perfect measurements.
It will definitely help you to save time and materials in your job and to have fast and flawless measurements. 
Endorsed Reliable Versatile

Through a quick measurements save hours of job, materials and money.
Aluminum for perfect thickness and confortable weight.

Size: 12x2x1 inches
Weight: 8 ounces
Premium aluminum alloy
Laser engraved
Steel bolts
Inches and Centimeters
It comes with a protective black pouch and a manual

Carpentry, brick work, flooring, roofing, tiling, laminating and much more.





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